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Design and Analysis of 2 kW Induction Motor for Electric Motorcycle Application

EasyChair Preprint no. 8451

8 pagesDate: July 11, 2022


The increase of demand in electrical vehicles initiates this research intending to reach high-performance electric motors applicable for motorcycles. The induction motor is chosen in this research because it causes low cost production, simple construction, easy maintenance, and easy speed control. In order to be directly applied widely, the dimensions of the motor are adjusted to the general size of an existing electric motorcycle chassis which imposes the motor size becomes compact with the consequence of efficiency decrease. Motor performance must also be reliable on all terrains, namely flat tracks, uphill and also reliable in transporting one or two passengers. An approach of the numerical method and performance simulation are carried out simultaneously. The design of the motor component is obtained by analytical calculations using MATLAB and performance analysis using ANSYS MAXWELL. The motor's speed, torque, and efficiency are analyzed to comply with the design requirements. Several changes such as the use of winding composition, slot type, and dimensional changes are taken into account and the results are analyzed in each track condition. The result shows the efficiency of the motor is 83.96% on a flat track and with one passenger. This is a good value of efficiency for a power rating of a 2 kW induction motor.

Keyphrases: Electric Motorcycle, electric vehicle, Induction motor, motor design, performance analysis

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