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Design Optimization of Aircraft Fuel Tank by Finite Element Analysis

EasyChair Preprint no. 5054

7 pagesDate: February 26, 2021


An aircraft fuel system may be defined as a system which enables the fuel to be loaded, stored, managed and delivered to the propulsion system of an aircraft. In a modern, multiengine passenger or cargo aircraft, the fuel system is likely to consist of multiple fuel tanks which may be located in the wing, fuselage or both combined. Each tank is equipped with internal fuel pumps and has the associated valves and plumbing to feed the engines. The tanks are made of materials that will not react chemically with any aviation fuel. Aluminum alloy, Synthetic rubber or nylon bladder type fuel tanks are mostly in use. Fuel pressure is acted on the tank walls by the rotation of aircraft and the influence of aerodynamic force and centrifugal force applying on aircraft has been totally considered.

Keyphrases: aerodynamic force, aircraft fuel tank, Baffles, boundary condition, Centrifugal force, fuel, Fuselage, Inertia Factor, partially filled aircraft fuel, static analysis

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