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Additive Manufacturing Applications in Medical Field like Cardiology & Dentistry: A Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 3442

10 pagesDate: May 19, 2020


  Intensive research over the past two decades, significant progress has been achieved in the development and commercialization of new and innovative AM processes, and the applications in automotive, energy sectors, aerospace, biomedical, and other fields as well. AM processes are useful to produce 3D parts directly from CAD models by joining materials layer by layer which offers beneficial ability to build parts with geometric and material complexities that could not be formed by subtractive manufacturing processes. 3d printing has been used pre-operatively for surgical planning and for resident or patient education. It has also found its way to the operation theatre where it is used to fabricate customized surgical tools or patient-specific implants  . This paper reviews the main applications of 3d printing or AM in  cardiology as well as in dentistry .

Keyphrases: Additive Manufacturing, Computer Aided Design, Rapid Prototyping

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