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Eco-Friendly Energy Production Using Whirlpool Turbine

EasyChair Preprint no. 7312

3 pagesDate: January 10, 2022


A Whirlpool turbine is a turbine that can power dozens of homes providing energy 24/7, given the rated stream of water, the only solution is to turn towards renewable resources. It is also called as gravitational vortex turbine water turbine, which mainly includes racer blades and basin, generates electricity by releasing the water into the basin using gravitational vortex generated when the water drain from the bottom of the tank. The study tells us about the design and manufacture of a turbine to produce electricity for a regular Wastewater cannel system using basic concepts of vortex and whirlpool. As it is eco-friendly, both cost-efficient with low installation cost, and does not harm the marine life it can be used in the industrial sector, in remote areas, and at the end of wastewater, cannel can also be installed. By using this project design we can segregate the waste from water flowing through the canal. The turbine is also cheaper to install and maintenance cost is also.

Keyphrases: cost efficient, eco-friendly, renewable resources, water turbine vortex and whirlpool, Whirlpool Turbine

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