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Optimization of Some Parameter In Solar Cells With SCAPS-1D Software

EasyChair Preprint no. 4241

4 pagesDate: September 22, 2020


This Work represents the influence of some parameters (Temperature, existance/note existance of Zinc Sulfied (ZnS) and  thickness of ZnS buffer layer), using a Numerical simulation of thin film solar cells, named SCAPS (which is a one-dimensional solar cell capacitance simulator) in modeling of the high efficiency CIGS-based solar cells (with efficiency of η=10.84%).In each case, the photovoltaic parameters have been calculated.It has been concluded that,the efficiency of CIGS-based solar cells is decreasing with increasing of the temperature and the thickness of Zinc Sulfied buffer layer.However, when the buffer layer doesn’t exist in solar cells photovoltaic, we noticed that the efficiency of solar cells is increasing to (η=12.04%) under the AM1.5 spectrum, one sun and at room temperature, with increasing of the short-circuit current density (Jsc), and decreasing of open-circuit voltage (Vco). 

Keyphrases: open circuit voltage Vco, short-circuit current density, ZnS

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