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An IoT based Smart Parking System

EasyChair Preprint no. 1489

6 pagesDate: September 11, 2019


An emerging widely used technology cloud computing which a paddle of computing resources is available for the users. Through internet based the resources could be supplied to cloud consumers on their request. An emerging technique or Internet of things, in short IOT is a system which occupies the attention of researchers. IOT has the capability of transferring data via internetwork without requiring human to computer interaction or human to human interaction. Fog computing or fogging, is a scheme to use edge devices to transfer considerable amount of calculation, storing data, communication locally and routed via internet backbone. In fog computing model processing and data are concentrated on devices rather than cloud. For storage, communication and computation Fog computing appoint a scalable architecture. We have introduced in a smart IOT based parking system using cloud computing, fog computing and IOT. Nowadays, general parking car in a parking lodge is a problem that people are facing   because they do not know where an available parking space has. So, we design a smart parking system. In this resource we also used IR obstacle sensor and HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor. Vehicles are required to be detected and measured in distance within range of sensors. Ultrasonic sensor measures the distance from ground and select points of the vehicles. It is based on time measurement of ultrasonic pulse which is reflected after hitting an object. The IR obstacle sensor used or detecting car and ultrasonic sensor used for measuring the distance of the car. The generated data by sensors have been transfer database then to FOG followed by Cloud server to store the data, as cloud storage is being used for backup of database.

Keyphrases: Android, Cloud Computing, CupCarbon, Firebase, Fog Computing, IoT, Parking System

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