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Modelling System in Education for Example of the E-Learning

EasyChair Preprint no. 5842

13 pagesDate: June 17, 2021


In this article, we have described the optimal solution for the implementation of quality and effective Educational process. A new problem studied. We called this optimal solution Modelling Education System. The main idea of the article is to demonstrate to the reader different forms and types of e-learning as the implementation of Digital Modelling Education System. Further optimal modelling provides the correct prediction of the state of formation of the future specialist. Special attention paid to Special Multi-Level Competence Tasks and Practice Workshops. The corrosive properties described with particular attention Special Multi-Level Competence Tasks that focused on the implementation of educational, upbringing, developmental part of the purpose and digital competencies. A new way of purification recommended as distance learning on the MOODLE platform. Kamianets-Podilskyi National Ivan Ohiienko University, an example, of e-learning is distance learning on the MOODLE platform. This platform allows you to form a subject-object relationship in the cognitive activity of learners. The tutor acts as a mentor of subject-object relations and forms the professional knowledge and competencies of students based on Special Multi-Level Designed Competence Tasks in this discipline. A general conclusion made concerning Special Multi-Level Tasks of Competence content reveal to the tutors the creativity of the introduction of their own academic freedom.

Keyphrases: Digital Modelling and Forecasting Education System MOODLE, e-learning, Practice Workshop, Special Multi-Level Competence Tasks

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