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Landslide Mitigation by Using Soil Nailing Technique

EasyChair Preprint no. 7415

3 pagesDate: February 2, 2022


Landslide constitute one of major natural catastrophes, which account for considerable loss of life and damage to human settlements, agriculture and forestland. Therefore, prevention measures must be taken to reduce the damage before happening landslide event. Soil nailing is a ground stabilization technique that can be used on either natural and excavated slopes. It involves drilling holes for steel bars to be inserted into a slope face which are then grouted in place. Mesh is attached to the bar ends to hold the slope face in position.

The chief intent of this study is to establish feasibility of constructing soil nail walls at Gaganbawda Ghat, 55 km from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India; by evaluating the geological reviews and surveying the site, additionally, considering physical and chemical specifications of soil and geotechnical landslide characterization. This study has been analysis particularly at Gaganbawda Ghat landslide, such that, the same method may be utilised to arrest other similar landslide prone areas of Maharashtra and India.

Keyphrases: Gaganbawda Ghat, Landslide, Mitigation, Shortcreting, Soil Nails

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