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Solar Resource Assessment and Potential in Indian Context

EasyChair Preprint no. 1861

17 pagesDate: November 7, 2019


The demand for electricity is increasing day by day causing environmental problems due to the widespread burning of fossil fuels. Therefore, research has been promoted in solar energy to mitigate environmental pollution. The land of India receives a good amount of solar energy. This paper describes the assessment of solar radiation resources in India. All solar resource stations have advance measuring instruments of the same type to collect, store and send radiation and meterological parameter at central station National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) Chennai. One year solar data from January to December 2015 of DCRUST, Murthal center is assessed, which assist solar project developers for feasibility analysis and development of new solar projects in this area. Moreover, state-wise solar potential and installed capacity are also described. This study is significant for design, modeling and performance analysis of solar plants. In addition to this solar resources give impetus for the deployment of solar energy along with futuristic solar technologies in India.

Keyphrases: Radiation, solar energy, solar potential, Solar resource

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