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Energy Conserving Economical Automated Smart Control System for Street Lighting

EasyChair Preprint no. 5610

3 pagesDate: May 26, 2021


In Sri Lanka, there exist several types of street lighting systems. There are switches fixed to the street light poles that are situated along the roads, usually, people neglect to switch off and wasting energy during the day. A set of street lights with a single switch to turn on and off is another type and this system requires additional wiring for controlling. The street lights that are connected to a photodiode operates according to the sunlight level another type of street lighting and that cannot be operated remotely as it automatically turns the lights on and off. Thus, a massive amount of energy is wasted. The street light system of wireless operated also not suitable for street lights in countries such as ours, because the wireless automation unit cost is high. Hence it is conclusive that in Sri Lanka, a smart control system for street lighting is a necessity. This research scrutinizes the feasibility of an economical automated system for the street lights which subsequently will reduce power wastage and increase efficiency. By using the planned system, every light can be controlled whenever needed, without additional cost for wiring to control the lights and switches for every pole. For the experiment, home electrical system automation protocol X-10 has been selected as the power line communication protocol. With the proposed system, the control signal can be sent over the power lines instead of the requirement of wiring another line for controlling is advantageous than wired and wireless systems. Fixing the implemented receiver unit for every light is sufficient. The cost of the receiver unit also will be less compared to the existing systems and the cost of energy wastage.

Keyphrases: communication protocol, energy conservation, X-10 protocol

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