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Implementation, Challenges and Opportunities in 8D BIM for Safety and Health of Oil and Gas Industry (Gas Station)

EasyChair Preprint no. 8584

8 pagesDate: August 3, 2022


8-Dimension Building Information Modelling (8D BIM) is a modern technology used in the construction industry which works as a tool to manage the physical and functional characteristics in the form of digital representation for safety and health parameter. However, recent studies for 8D BIM show that the application and execution of this technology are still low for most sectors, including the oil and gas industry. The literature review shows the evaluation of the previous study on 8D BIM. The survey questionnaire illustrates the analysis using SPSS with three tests: frequency, chi-square, and cross-tabulation. 3D modelling of a gas station displays an oil and gas industry building. From the survey questionnaire, it is found that 52% of respondents agree that the safety and health in construction are low in Malaysia. The top 3 challenges in implementing 8D BIM are lack of enforcement, complex BIM software, and lack of training programs. 3D model of the gas station. The benefit of 8D BIM based on questionnaires is it can improve coordination and communication. The challenges and opportunities obtained from the result significantly impact the collaboration of training and software between the academic field and industry.

Keyphrases: Building Information Modelling, construction, modelling, Oil and Gas, Safety & Health

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