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Incorporation of Antioxidant Enriched Almond Skin in Dried Apricot Jam

EasyChair Preprint no. 5848

14 pagesDate: June 18, 2021


Apricot occupies a distinct position among stone fruits due to its compositional and  functional potentials. It has a rich nutritional contents in terms of sugars (more than 60%), proteins (8%), crude fiber (11.50%), crude fat (2%), total minerals (4%), vitamins and reasonable quantities of organic acids on dry weight basis. This study aimed at active utilization of almond skin to enrich antioxidant activity of dried apricot jam and evaluation of its physicochemical, sensory and antioxidant attributes. Four jam formulations were developed, starting with the basic formulation (T0) containing dried apricots. The other jams (T1, T2, T3 and T4) had dried apricots but with almond skin added at rates of 5, 10, 15 and 20% w/w. Antioxidant activity was observed in the skin of Kaghazi almonds by performing different analyses. The value of β–carotene was recorded as 98.3333±0.577μg g−1 in the peel. Moreover, DPPH value was also found as 86±1mg/ml in almonds peel. Total phenolic contents were recorded in peel as 0.54±1mgGAE/100g. Concerning the treatments, highest value of DPPH (21.883a±0.035mg/ml) was observed in T4 followed by DPPH (20.533b±0.036mg/ml) of T3.  Highest value of total phenolic contents was observed in T4 (521.35a±0.169mgGAE/100g) and minimum value  (514.65e±0.349mgGAE/100g) was recorded in T0 (control). Regarding the treatments, highest value of fiber (1.0833a±0.006), moisture (88.600a±0.1%), protein (1.4333a±1.4%), pH (3.4133a±0.012), total soluble solids (21.400a±0.10Brix) and β-carotene (48.333a±0.196%) was observed in T4. The results suggests that almond peel can be added in to jam due to high TPC and DPPH which contribute to high antioxidant activity and high market potential.

Keyphrases: antioxidant activity, Apricot, compositional, physicochemical, total phenolic

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