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Beyond P-Values: Unpacking the Clinical Relevance of Statistical Significance

EasyChair Preprint no. 12266

8 pagesDate: February 24, 2024


In contemporary scientific research, statistical significance, often indicated by p-values, has been a cornerstone in determining the validity of findings. However, reliance solely on p-values to infer clinical relevance may lead to misinterpretation and inappropriate decision-making. This paper seeks to explore the limitations of p-values in conveying the significance of research findings in clinical contexts and advocates for a comprehensive approach that considers both statistical significance and clinical relevance. Firstly, we elucidate the concept of statistical significance and its role in hypothesis testing. While p-values provide a measure of the strength of evidence against a null hypothesis, they do not inherently indicate the magnitude or practical importance of an effect. Consequently, a statistically significant result may not necessarily translate to clinical significance. We then discuss the importance of effect size estimation and confidence intervals in assessing the practical relevance of study findings. Effect size measures provide quantitative estimates of the magnitude of an effect, facilitating meaningful interpretation in clinical practice. In conclusion, while statistical significance remains essential in scientific inquiry, its interpretation should be complemented by a thorough assessment of clinical relevance. Moving beyond p-values entails embracing a holistic approach that incorporates effect size estimation, confidence intervals, and contextual considerations, thereby fostering more robust and meaningful evidence-based practice in clinical research.

Keyphrases: Clinical relevance, confidence intervals, effect size, evidence-based practice, healthcare decision-making, hypothesis testing, p-values, research interpretation, statistical significance

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