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Technological Infrastructure for Asset Monitoring Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 1891

8 pagesDate: November 8, 2019


The knowledge of the condition of the assets allows companies to make wise decisions about the different activities that are executed on the equipment; maintenance, operation, disposal and renovation, in order to have greater competitiveness with high reliability. Monitoring systems are the fundamental enabler to get to know the precise condition of the assets at all times, however, sometimes the information provided by these systems is not used properly; either because it does not reach the appropriate sites to be used or because the monitoring system is isolated from the management systems or because the system is not operational and nobody has noticed it. This paper presents the results of a monitoring platform implemented in ISA INTERCOLOMBIA and shows the basis for a present architecture, designed in the future with a view to interoperability, flexibility, low cost and easy expansion for the different systems that intend to integrate into the future. The establishment of this architecture guarantees the use and integration, with the different information systems, of the data so that they are converted into useful information for the business objectives.

Keyphrases: APM, Automatización, Big Data, Ciberseguridad, Gestión de Activos, IEC61850, Integración, ISO 55001, Monitoreo en línea de activos, PAS 55, Plan Estratégico de Gestión de Activos, Sistema Abierto

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