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Web Controlled Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi

EasyChair Preprint no. 5417

5 pagesDate: April 29, 2021


Approaching fast versatile organizations like 3G and 4G combined with modest and open Smart telephones, Mobile industry has seen enormous development regarding offering its types of assistance even to the most distant zones on earth.Thus these networks can be put to use for one of the most significant tasks which is home automation. Web based home automation has one agenda, that is to control the real-time home appliances from anywhere around the world. By implementing trending software like Node-red and Ngrok, we are able to implement the same in a very simple way so that any average citizen with a smart phone can control the home appliances they have. This project is extremely helpful for people who are in constant travel and don’t want to compromise the routine works that has to be done at home. With the help of evolving networks as well as the need to control the appliances without physically being present is the prime motivation of this project.

Keyphrases: Controlling Home Appliances, Home Automation, Internet of Things(IoT), Node-RED, Raspberry Pi, Web controlled Home Automation

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