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Modified ARQ-Based Cooperative Relaying Scheme for a Delay Tolerant Network

EasyChair Preprint no. 6063

6 pagesDate: July 13, 2021


We use fixed relays deployed by network operators to reduce re-transmission (thereby reducing network power
requirements) in addition to providing excellent end-to-end error performance in a revisit to automatic repeat request-based cooperative relaying. The new relaying scheme facilitates the creation of a connectivity suitable for delay tolerant internet-of-things (IoT)-type services.

For IoT devices, link reliability and power efficiency are a major system design consideration. The proposed scheme operates in the following fashion. The source (e.g., a sensor) transmits for a certain time window. During this period, the source and the relays do not require per transmission acknowledgment (ACK) from the destination. At the end of a transmission window, the destination sends a ‘group’ ACK. If negative, relays are invited to help. Depending on the cooperation strategy, each relay transmits in either one transmission time slot or a few time slots, using a suitably chosen higher-order modulation constellation. If no error occurs, the source continues its transmission.

Furthermore, we devise a novel strategy for selecting the best relay for this new way of exploiting the benefits of multiple relays in a network. In the process, we reclaim the bandwidth expansion that comes with multi-relay system but still maintaining E2E bit error rate that is superior to that of a single relay cooperation. Numerical results that reveal the benefits of the new and modified
ARQ cooperative relaying scheme are presented.

Keyphrases: Bit Error Rate (BER), cooperative relaying, energy efficiency, IoT, Weibull fading

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