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IOT Based Smart Health Monitoring System COVID-19 Using NodeMCU

EasyChair Preprint no. 9363

6 pagesDate: November 25, 2022


This paper presents the design and implementation of a health monitoring system using the Internet of Things (IoT). In present days, with the expansion of innovations, specialists are always looking for innovative electronic devices for easier identification of irregularities within the body.  In particular, COVID-19 patients, high blood pressure patients, diabetic patients, etc., in a rural area in a developing country, such as Bangladesh, do not have instant access to health or emergency clinics for testing. The technical revolution in the region of Internet of Things makes all object interconnected. The concept of IoT has been used in so many fields from Smart Home to Smart City. But the main assistance of IoT in healthcare is just out-of-the-way. Patients are facing a problematic situation of unforeseen demise due to the specific reason of heart problems and attack which is because of nonexistence of good medical maintenance to patients at the needed time. This is for specially monitoring the old age patients and informing doctors and loved ones. This paper proposes an idea of Patient Monitoring System which monitors the real time health parameters of the patient which includes Temperature, Heartbeat, blood Pressure, Sugar Level with the use of different sensors are connected to the NodeMCU. To track the patient health micro-controller is in turn interfaced to a LCD display and wi-fi connection to send the data to the web-server .In case of any abrupt changes in patient heart-rate or body temperature alert is sent about the patient using IoT. To design an efficient Remote Monitoring System, Security is of imperial importance. Therefore the system presents quality healthcare to all patients.

Keyphrases: Body Temperature Sensor(DS18B20), Internet of Things(IoT), Pulse Rate Sensor(Max30100), Temperature & Humidity Sensor(DHT22)

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