GCAI 2019. Proceedings of the 5th Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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#SAT, Ackermann's Lemma, active learning, Answer Set Programming3, catastrophic forgetting, chronological backtracking, Classification problems, computer vision, concrete domains, conflict-driven clause learning, Continual Learning, cultural heritage, Data Analytics, declarative problem solving, Description Logic2, Description Logics, Description logics in learning, DL-Lite2, Event Calculus, Event detection in video, first-order logic, forgetting, hierarchical networks, image classification, knowledge base, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Kripke completeness, linear models, Logic of Hypotheses, machine learning, modal logic, model checking, model counting, multi-agent path finding, multi-task learning, Ontology, Ontology-Based Query Answering, ontology-mediated queries, propositional calculus, prototype theory, query by example, query rewriting, Reasoning, reasoning about action, Reverse engineering queries, rules, SAT, temporal dataset evaluation, Threshold Operators, Transfer Learning, Two-dimensional Description Logic, ultimately periodic models, weighted description logic