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Virtual Learning Environment for Visually Impaired

EasyChair Preprint no. 3141

20 pagesDate: April 8, 2020


Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) is web-based platform used for teaching and learning. Though there exist many VLE platforms which have been developed for learners and instructors, their accessibility to a visually impaired student remains a problem. Many visually impaired persons especially students, do not participate fully in courses delivery and are therefore disadvantaged. After careful analysis of the current state of the accessibility of VLEs, this paper proposed a solution as a way to also further the adoption of Internet of Things (IOT) in learning. The system analysis and design, followed the object-oriented analysis and design approach. The solution provided enhancements to accessibility issues; content and navigation that confront visually impaired in its implemented web-base software. Only the key features for assisting the visually impaired, based on the propositions are presented in this paper. The system implemented loosely coupled modules for course management and accessibility. It provides a text-to-speech integration and keyboard shortcuts to enhance reading

Keyphrases: Course Management, e-learning, Virtual Learning Environment, visual impairment, Web accessibility

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